I called Misty last week because I’ve been going through major positive life changes and was seeking some clarity on some questions and life events. Misty is very thorough, detailed and respectful of time - she can accomplish a LOT in 15 minutes!! Misty answered all my questions and gave me a detailed breakdown of the next 12 months to me. She knew details about things in my life before I said anything and she is very grounded, gifted and compassionate. I highly recommend her to you for some guidance and spiritual lifting :)
— Katelyn W
My daughter and I had such a great experience with Misty.  She was vey sincere to speak with and this being my daughters 1st reading, she did a thorough job explaining everything to us.  We really enjoyed the experience and would for sure go back.
— Tracey H.

Misty is incredible! I dropped by to see her on my sister’s recommendation and was blown away by the time and care that Misty put into my reading.  Not only was her reading accurate, but she was very personal and honest when delivering her guidance. I will see Misty again and again, for certain.
— Anonymous

Misty is great- I’ve been going to her for a year, and her readings and counseling have been very helpful. Her supportive energy and optimism have helped me through tough decisions and trying times.
— Trisha P.

I have received two readings from Misty. The first over 15 years ago while living in CA. Over the past many years my life’s path has lead me to many new experiences both negative and positive. (As life does)  I have gone through all of life’s trials without asking for help or guidance. I have recently found myself in need of guidance beyond my capabilities.  I came across Misty’s Facebook site and knew immediately I needed to seek her services.  Being miles away in Illinois, I was stunned and a little shocked at the accuracy of Misty’s interpretation.  This just goes to show that her spiritual connection is strong and sees no distance.  I look forward to following the advice and guidance I received.  I do and will recommend Misty to anyone who is in need of spiritual guidance.  She has a genuine gift.  My thanks to Misty.
— Christine H.

Had my first reading with Misty about a week ago - she was amazing. If you’re looking for some insight or just a general idea of the path that you are taking, give her a call, and make an appointment. The best fifteen minutes I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you.
— Jeannette B.

Misty delivers her message in the utmost kind manner. Words never more eloquently spoken. She is graceful like an angel with the kindest eyes that twinkle while she speaks to you. I put 100% heartfelt trust in her word after having a handful of readings with her now. No matter where you are at in your life, or what message you are looking for she is always there with open arms. Not only are her readings outstanding she has given me sublime spiritual counseling. I am deeply thankful for all of our conversations. Life would not be the same without Misty!
— Jolie B.

I have had many, many readings done my Misty, of Mystic Counseling over the last 20 years, and she gets it right every time. Misty is an empath by nature and not only is she able to be honest about what the cards say, but by reading the cards she will help her clients make the best choices for themselves depending on their situation.

One reading she did for me always stands out because it so profoundly changed my life and my path; about 14 years ago I met a boy and asked her to do a love reading on if he was the one. The cards told her that in about 4 years things would work out for us and he was my true soul mate. I knew him casually through work and at the time I had a huge crush and I just thought 4 years!!!  Well we shall see. That was in August of 2003, it was April of 2007 that her reading proved true, and we have been happy ever since.
If I hadn’t listened to Misty and the cards, I would have tried to push into a relationship that neither of us was ready for at the time. Instead we both grew up, running into each other and flirting until the timing was right. 

Whether you are a true believer looking for guidance and truths from the great beyond, or just curious and looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, I promise a reading by Mystic Counseling will be enlightening. It may even change your life.
— Heather L.

Mystic Counseling was amazing! I was able to receive a past life reading which was incredible. I’m excited to continue utilizing the service again in near future for a tarot reading.
— Leighton G.
I made an appointment with Misty while recently visiting Encinitas. Misty provided validation of exactly what I’ve been wrestling with internally. The only reason I was “wrestling” is lack of trusting my own intuition. That alone was worth three times the cost of the session. Yet Misty also provided me guidance on ways to continue healing in arenas desired. Inexpensive, wise and inspiring guidance. I walked out of Misty’s office with a renewed sense of confidence in my choices, clarity for my next steps and absolute hope and excitement for my future. I will absolutely be seeking Misty out again either in-person or via email.
— Ann R.
When you meet Misty, you just know she cares about people and you can sense her love for the work she does. She is kind and compassionate. The readings I have had with her have been so insightful and spot on. With the passage of time, I can see how accurate her readings have been. She has given me some profound life advice. I so enjoy our conversations and spending time with Misty and you will too!
— Annette L.
Misty is highly recommended! She was accurate, detailed and patient. She provided a better insight of my situation and guidance when encountering those obstacles. She has a great presence over the phone and I’m forever grateful for Misty!
— Andrea G.
My concern is always if I’m wasting my money on a reading less than legit. Misty is legit. Before my visit with her I had so much built up anxiety about a situation and was in need of answers and guidance. Within a couple of minutes of sitting with her I felt a weight lifted off my chest. Some things are too early to tell if they will be true but she did say we may move late April, early May and the lady we rent from just gave us 30 days notice. Another thing was since my I was pregnant with my son I would see monarch butterflies and felt as if it was cousin telling me everything would be okay. At the end of my reading I simply asked ‘and the butterflies...’ and she expressed she got goosebumps and said it was my cousin. Those 3 words ‘and the butterflies’ is not enough info for her to guess. I not only highly recommend her but I will return.
— Sarah S.